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About Science Trek

Science Trek is an integrated Web and broadcast project designed to: introduce science topics to elementary-age schoolchildren; provide educational materials for teachers and parents; and inspire students to investigate science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) career potentials.

Each month of the school year, Idaho Public Television will release new video shorts and several “60 Seconds with Science Trek” spots on a specific scientific topic. Students, educators and parents can find Science Trek videos in the following places:

Each video is supported on that topic’s area on the Science Trek website with facts, links, glossaries, reading lists, lesson plans, games and more. The Science Trek website currently provides content for more than 100 different science topics covering a wide variety of disciplines. Educational specialists design content based on national science standards (the Common Core Standards) and Idaho's elementary science curriculum. Experts review all material for accuracy.

The Science Trek website recorded more than two million unique page views last school year. More than 25 percent of its visitors were from outside North America. Educators from as far away as the Kabul Zoo in Afghanistan have adopted Science Trek's content.

Each week, producer/host Joan Cartan-Hansen posts a blog with the week's most interesting science news for kids. Teachers and parents can also find age and content appropriate material on the Science Trek Facebook page.

The show and its educational components have been honored with a number of awards including the prestigious Kavli Science Journalism Silver Award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the National Educational Television Association (NETA), The New York Festivals, the Council for International Nontheatrical Events (CINE), and a number of regional Emmys from The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences-Northwest

What ever happened to D4K?

We decided to change the name of our series from D4K, or Dialogue for Kids, to Science Trek to give our viewers a better understanding of our goal: to introduce science topics to elementary-age schoolchildren; to provide educational materials for teachers and parents; and to inspire students to investigate science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) career potentials.

If you view videos produced before September 2013, you may see the D4K or Dialogue for Kids logo. Don't worry. It is all a part of Science Trek. If you have any questions or comments, send us an email.

What happened to the prize winners?

From 2004-2005 to 2015-2016, we awarded a prize box to one classroom for each show. View a list of winners.

Idaho Public Television and the Science Trek staff are committed to providing quality resources for educators, parents and students with the goal of inspiring students' interest in the world of science.

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