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Elk: Books


Deer, Moose, Elk and Caribou (Kids Can Press Wildlife Series)

ISBN: 1550746677
Ages 5-10

While deer, moose, elk and caribou have many things in common, they also are very different animals in many ways. Learn fascinating facts about each species and enjoy the finely detailed illustrations.

Elk Eating

Elk/Uapities (Animals That Live in the Mountains/Animales De Las Montanas)

ISBN: 1433924447
Ages 4-8

In this English/Spanish bilingual volume, young readers discover the high-country world of the elk through exceptional photographs and fascinating details.


Rocky Mountain Elk

ISBN: 1626178003
Ages 5-8

Rocky Mountain Elk are a symbol of wilderness in the western United States. This informative book will engage young naturalists with its colorful infographics, including a visual dinner menu, comparison diagrams to show size and anatomy, a range map and a conservation status graph.


Elk (Amazing Animals)

ISBN: 1628326239
Ages 6-8

Full-color photos pair with simple text to examine the appearance, behavior, life cycle and habitat of elk. Also included is a story from folklore explaining how elk came to live in the mountains.


I Am An Elk: Wildlife Book Series for Early Readers (Kindle Edition)

Ages 6-9

A fun introduction to elk for beginning readers, by a wildlife photographer and naturalist.


My Favorite Animal: Elk

IBSN: 1532400578
Ages 6-10

Students will learn amazing facts about elk as they improve their non-fiction reading skills. Each section encourages critical thinking and includes comprehension questions to help children make connections with the text and images.


The Wild Life of Elk

ISBN: 0878425799
Ages 8-11

This book is intended for kids who want to know more about the life of the elk. Marvelous details about their lives and incredible illustrations truly make this book one that children will love to read.


Living Wild: Elk

IBSN: 1628324325
Ages 10-12

Many characteristics of elk are discussed, including their habitat, behaviors, camouflage adaptations and relationships with humans, as well as the effects of climate change on elk today.


Seasons of the Elk

ISBN: 1559715863
Ages 10 and up

The amazing photographs of elk up close and personal combined with details about their lives and behavior make this a must-read for all elk lovers and for those who don't know yet that they too are elk lovers. Read about the elk and what scientists have discovered about their habitat, their activities, their migration and their family life. Elk are amazing creatures and there's much to learn about them.

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