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Animal Adaptation: Books

Amazing Animal Adaptations

Ages 4-8

How do animals survive in some of Earth's most extreme regions? Learn about the body parts, body coverings, and behaviors that make living there possible. The four titles in this series contain full-color photographs and simple, fact-filled text that will appeal to young children who love science and animals.

Desert Animal Adaptations ISBN: 1429670258

Polar Animal Adaptations ISBN: 1429660317

Ocean Animal Adaptations ISBN: 1429670290

Rainforest Animal Adaptations ISBN: 1429660287

What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?

ISBN: 061899713X
Ages 4-8

Explore the many amazing things animals do with their body parts – including ears, eyes, mouths, noses, feet, and tails -- in this Caldecott Honor book. Using a guessing format and beautiful illustrations, this interactive volume will delight young children as they learn about physical adaptations that help different animals thrive.

From the same authors:

What Do You Do When Something Wants to Eat You? - adaptations for defense

How Many Ways Can You Catch a Fly? – adaptations for getting food

I See A Kookaburra! – adaptations for living in various habitats

Slap, Squeak and Scatter – adaptations for communications

Creature Features – adaptations for unusual appearance

What If You Had…? (6 book series)

Ages 4-8

This delightful series invites children to learn about animal adaptations and how they help animals thrive, and then to imagine what they could do if they had those body parts. Informative text and humorous illustrations will make these books favorites of young children.

Titles in this series:

What If You Had Animal Teeth? ISBN: 0545567275

What If You Had Animal Ears? ISBN: 0545859263

What If You Had Animal Eyes? ISBN: 1338101080

What If You Had Animal Feet? ISBN: 054573312X

What If You Had Animal Hair? ISBN: 9780545630856

What If You Had An Animal Nose? ISBN: 0545859220

Animal Adaptations

ISBN: 1617417335
Ages 6-7

Particularly suited for beginning readers, this book features full-page, brightly colored pictures with just one sentence on each page. It is separated into sections "How Do I Look?" and "How Do I Act?" A glossary and index are included.

How and Why Do Animals Adapt?

ISBN: 0778714632
Ages 7-10

In order to survive, animals must adapt. This fact-filled book demonstrates how changes can happen over time in an animal's body or in its behaviors, due to climate changes, habitat changes, or altered defensive needs.

Katydid, Camouflage Facts for KIds, Kiddle Encyclopedia

K101 Hidden Animals


101 Animal Super Powers

ISBN: 0545670160 (Hidden Animals)
ISBN: 0545826241 (Super Powers)
Ages 7-10

These two books introduce some of the most amazing creatures in nature. Hidden Animals features full-color photos of camouflaged animals blending into their surroundings, while Animal Super Powers focuses on extraordinary means of self-protection and obtaining food. Learn how and why these animals have developed these adaptations.

Showdown: Animal Defenses

ISBN: 1425849832
Ages 8-10

Defense adaptations include changing size or shape, camouflage, protective coverings, and group living. Designed to develop nonfiction literacy skills, this standards-aligned text includes glossary, index, table of contents, readers' guide, culminating activities, and additional resources.

Adaptation and Survival

ISBN: 1474715729
Ages 8-12

The key concepts of physical and behavioral adaptation are explained through discussion of great white sharks' camouflage, giraffes' long tongues, whales' migration, and more. A discussion of the challenges associated with changing environments is also included, along with a hands-on project to investigate environmental adaptation.

Wikimedia Commons

Camouflage and Mimicry: Animal Weapons and Defenses

ISBN: 1429680073
Ages 8-13

A harmless animal can frighten predators away by appearing dangerous. A dangerous animal can lure prey by appearing harmless. Both predator and prey can blend in with their surroundings to avoid detection. This book explores the adaptations of appearance that allow animals to be successful at hunting or hiding.

Leaf-Tailed Gecko, AlexTelford, Wikimedia Commons

Outrageous Animal Adaptations: From Big-Eared Bats to Frill-Necked Lizards

ISBN: 1512429996
Ages 10-14

Whether to avoid predators, to stalk prey, or to withstand extreme temperatures, Earth's creatures have some "outrageous" adaptations for survival. This book highlights some of the most amazing: a fish that walks on land, a vampire squid, a frog that makes its own sunscreen, a spider with giant jaws. These and other creatures show evolution and adaptation at work. Full taxonomic classifications for each animal are given, along with side notes, photos, diagrams and suggestions for further study.

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