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Vicky Runnoe

Conservation Education Supervisor, Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Vicky Runnoe is the Conservation Education Supervisor with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. She grew up in Appleton, Wisconsin where she spent many hours exploring neighborhood woods and fields. Birds captured her interest when she was in high school, and she has been an avid birdwatcher ever since.

It was bird watching that led her into a career in environmental education. During college, Vicky began volunteering at Mosquito Hill Nature Center in New London, Wisconsin and discovered that she loved helping people, especially kids learn about nature. She graduated from Lawrence University with a bachelor's degree in biology and did some graduate coursework in resource ecology at Duke University. Her career in environmental education has allowed her to work in Canada, with Oklahoma State Parks, the National Park Service in Montana, and Idaho Fish and Game in both Salmon and Boise.

Vicky has a daughter and a son, three border collies and a very large, black horse. Dogs, kids and mom enjoy hiking together while the horse carefully carries kids on easy rides and mom into Idaho's backcountry.

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