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Animal Migration: Books

Elephant Herd

Great Migrations: Whales, Wildebeests, Butterflies, Elephants, and Other Amazing Animals on the Move

ISBN: 1426307004
Ages: 9-12

This book is a companion to the television series on the National Geographic channel. This book is filled with full color photographs and wonderful text that also has visual appeal. Learn about the migration habits of eight different animals in this wonderful book.

Moncarch Butterfly

The Journey: Stories of Migration

ISBN: 0590307177
Ages: 4-8

Learn about locusts, monarch butterflies, gray whales, American silver eels, caribou, and Arctic terns and their complex journeys. Beautiful
artwork depicting the migration of these
animals graces page after page.


What Is Migration?

ISBN: 0865059659
Ages: 4-8

Voyage, fly and move with animals of all types and species as they move across the world to feed and survive. Learn about the ones you are familiar with and also with the ones you are not; like eels as they battle the elements for survival in this complex trip.


Going Home: The Mystery of Animal Migration

ISBN: 1584691263
Ages: 4-8

This is a unique look at migrations through poetry written from the view of the migratory animal — as if seen through their eyes. Maps, Websites, beautiful illustrations and even activities make this a great book for kids and the adults in their lives, as well.


Pushes & Pulls: Why do People Migrate? (Investigating Human Migration & Settlement)

ISBN: 0778751988
Ages: 9-12

People migrate too. This book presents the reasons and the details of migration for the human world. And why do they choose to live where they do?

Gray Whale

The Migration of a Whale (Amaze)

ISBN: 0531238032
Ages: 4-8

Follow the gray whale and learn of its life from embryo to adult and track the migration using the map provided. See inside the whale using the special "see-through" page. A fun tool for learning all about the gray whale.

Peregrine Falcon

The Peregrine's Journey: A Story of Migration

ISBN: 0977753921
Ages: 4-8

This book is based on an actual bird that was tracked by the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service. Learn all about the bird's food, life, and migration. This story begins in Alaska and finishes when the bird arrives in Argentina two months later.


Animals That Migrate

ISBN: 0531165736
Ages: 9-12

Learn about the differences in animals' hibernation locations including burrows and caves. Photographs and wonderful text make this a terrific book to keep in your library.

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