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Astronauts: Guests

Amy Ross

Space Suit Designer, NASA

Amy Ross oversees the development of all EVA pressure garment technology for NASA (i.e., spacesuits worn outside of spacecraft such as those used on the International Space Station). She has worked for NASA since 1996. Originally from Indiana, she graduated from Purdue University with Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering. She also has a Master's degree in Space Studies from the University of North Dakota. Both of her parents worked in the space program.

Duane Ross

Manager for Astronaut Candidate Selection and Training, NASA

Duane Ross is responsible for managing all administrative activities necessary for the selection of NASA Astronaut Candidates. He has participated in the selection of 246 of the 338 NASA astronauts. He is responsible for the basic training for 124 NASA and 28 International Partner Astronaut Candidates. He also serves as Senior Advisor to the Johnson Space Center Oral History Project. He has worked for NASA since 1967. He has been honored with a Director's Innovation Award, two NASA Exceptional Service Medals, and the Silver Snoopy, an Astronaut Personal Achievement Award.

Past guests for this topic include: Barbara Morgan, Edgar Mitchell.

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