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Astronauts: Books


DK Readers L2: Astronaut: Living in Space

ISBN: 1465402411
Ages: 6-8

Early reader text makes this a great book for kids in first through third grade who want to know more about the life of an astronaut. Photographs combined with drawings help to explain how an astronaut is chosen, trained, and the life they live as they perform a mission in space. Great detail and science.

Tethered Astronaut

Space Heroes: Amazing Astronauts (DK Readers)

ISBN: 0789498960
Ages: 7-9

Learn all about some of the first astronauts to travel into space. Great pictures and history outline the challenges that humans faced to get into space.

Solar System

Space Encyclopedia: A Tour of Our Solar System and Beyond (National Geographic Kids)

ISBN: 1426309481
Ages: 10 - up

Head out on your own space mission with the help of National Geographic to explore our solar system and beyond. Photographs, illustrations, charts, graphs, and diagrams help you to understand about each space body and what science knows about each of them. Learn about famous astronauts, missions and their equipment. Take a look at space and what science has found out there. Fascinating reading for all space lovers no matter how old.

Strapped In

A Trip into Space: An Adventure to the International Space Station

ISBN: 0807580910
Ages: 4-7

Go on a trip with two astronauts as they live and work on the International Space Station.


Space Stations (The Solar System)

ISBN: 1429600640
Ages: 6-9

This book is written by an astronomer who works at the Planetary Science Institute. He knows the science of space and shares his knowledge of the history of space stations.


The Best Book of Spaceships

ISBN: 9780753461769
Ages: 5-8

This is a terrific book for elementary students learning about space exploration. It covers everything from early rockets to manned space travel to space station missions. A great look at the history of man's love of space.

Mission Control

NASA (The Solar System)

ISBN: 1429600624
Ages: 6-9

Dr. Kortenkamp from the Planetary Science Institute has given us a look at NASA. Find out how NASA explores the solar system and how their inventions have impacted our lives.

Off to Work

Space Exploration (TIME for Kids Nonfiction Readers) (Time for Kids Nonfiction Readers: Level 3.6)

ISBN: 143333674X
Ages: 6-8

Man has always wanted to explore and space is a natural unknown just waiting to be traveled. Time for Kids has created a history of man's exploration of space. Great photographs and important events in the history of the effort to explore space make this a must for all future astronauts.


Women in Space

ISBN: 0822549379
Ages: 11 and up

This book tells the story of how women have contributed to the history of the exploration of space. It includes the stories of how space exploration began and the first American women to be chosen to be astronauts. Historic events in the role of women in space including two Russian cosmonauts. The job of a woman astronaut was not an easy one and sometimes involved fighting for their chance to be included.

Space Monkey

Simple History: The Space Race

ISBN: 1495347125
Ages: 9-12

Fun and colorful illustrations are a key component of this book which shares the history of the two major countries of the world and their race to be the first at many milestones in space exploration. Great historical look, filled with important details.

Space Dog

Space Dogs: Pioneers of Space Travel

ISBN: 0595267351
Ages: 9 and up

Humans were not the first space travelers. Animals were sent up first to test space conditions and how the body would react to weightlessness. So these dogs were the “guinea pigs” who tested spaceflight. Learn how their role was important to the history of space exploration.


Space Disasters

ISBN: 1562546627
Ages: 11 and up

Not all space missions turn out the way they were planned. This is the story of manned missions that had tragic outcomes. Includes the stories of Apollo 1, Apollo 13, Soyuz 11, Challenger, and Columbia.

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