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Astronauts: Teachers


Space Videos

From PBS - Russians began planning for a space station long before they went into space for the first time.

a video from NOVA to show your class about the Life of an Astronaut.

Short NOVA video about the dangers found in space.

A day in the life of a space station astronaut - how do they eat, exercise, and more - complete with short videos that were filmed aboard the ISS.

More information about the ISS.


Space Exploration

Fun!! Find out exactly where the ISS is over the earth at

All the Hubble resources you need.

Here is a great timeline history in pictures - all about space exploration.

The International Space Station Activity Book is a great classroom resource for grades K-5.

Videos on all sorts of astronaut topics online for you to share with your class at How Stuff Works: Spaceflight. You might have a hard time deciding which ones to use. Lots to choose from.


Astronaut Activities

History of the shuttle program from NASA.

Set up these learning stations and use these lesson plans to teach your class about astronaut health, training and learn about the effects of space on the human body. Some great CCSS activities you might find useful.

Train Like an Astronaut - here is a great set of activities for you to keep your kids fit and train the way astronauts do.

NASA's education site has lessons, links, projects, activities and games for you to use in your classroom. All age groups.

Spaced-Out Physiology from Arizona State University explores what happens to astronauts' bodies when they travel in space.

Find out which foods astronauts can't eat in space.

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