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Bats: Books


National Geographic Readers: Bats

ISBN: 1426307101
Ages: 5-8

This easy to read science book has great pictures and is filled with detailed facts that you would expect from National Geographic. Full color photographs help create a sense of how bats live and lets you see them up close. Early readers will love this book on bats.

Bat Night


ISBN: 1494969211
Ages: 5-8

Learn 15 amazing facts about bats and take the short quiz at the end to see how much you remember of the facts presented. Great photos go along with the details.

Life Cycle of a Bat

ISBN: 0778707016
Ages: 6 and up

One of a series of books about life cycles of favorite animals of the world.



ISBN: 1553375254
Ages: 5- 10

Learn about megabats and microbats in this easy to read book that features facts and photos to enhance your study of the bat world.

Bats of the United States and Canada

ISBN: 1421401916
Ages: 12 and up

Great resource for learning about bats with pictures to help identify each species.


The Bat House Builder's Handbook, Completely Revised and Updated

ISBN: 0974237914
Ages: 12 and up

Grab some older kids and plan to make a bat house with this book that give you great instructions and support for this conservation effort.

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