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Bears: Books

Silly Bear

The Polar Bear Scientists (Scientists in the Field Series)

ISBN: 0547283059
Ages: 10 and up

Full of photographs, maps and lots of details of the study of polar bears in the wild. This is a fabulous account of researchers and what they do as they study the life of the polar bear. This book also includes additional web sites and resources for the budding scientist.

Bear Nose

Bears: Polar Bears, Black Bears and Grizzly Bears (Kids Can Press Wildlife Series)

ISBN: 1550743554
Ages: 5 and up

A marvelous overview of bears in North America and lovely watercolor illustrations make this book a must-have. Filled with fascinating facts telling how and what bears eat, where they live, how they hibernate — even what color their eyes are when they are born.

Black Bear: North America's Bear

ISBN: 1590787986
Ages: 8 and up

A first-hand account of the author watching working scientists as they study the black bear. Super color photographs and detailed descriptions highlight this account of the scientists in action. Learn all about the lives of black bears.

Grizzly Bear

Face to Face with Grizzlies

ISBN: 1426304749
Ages: 10 and up

Come face to face with the grizzly bear just as the author did. He did it in person and lived to tell about it. You can do it through this wonderful full-color book in the safety of your favorite reading corner.

Wild Bears - Level 1 (See More Readers)

ISBN: 1587171449
Ages: 5 and up

A book about bears for the early reader. Leveled for the beginning bear researcher and animal lover. A look at the bears with simple easy-to-read text and glossy full-color photographs.

Our Three Bears

ISBN: 1590780159
Ages: 7 and up

Get to know the three bears of North America with the help of this author. Each bear — the black, grizzly, and polar — is covered separately in its own chapter with beautiful photographs to complement each section. Learn all about these animals and how they live.

Black Bear
Grizzly Bear
Polar Bear
Black Bear Grizzly Bear Polar Bear

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