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Birds of Prey: Teachers

Classroom Activities


These activities, developed by the Bureau of Land Management, lead students in examining avian anatomy and how differences between birds enhance their ability to survive. Each activity links to worksheets and a solution.

  • Wingbeats – Using Math and Science skills, students compare the wingbeats of various birds.
  • Curvy Beaks – Comparing the different shapes of bird beaks, students determine how the function of the bird's diet relates to the form of its beak.
  • Wings: Shapes and Spans – By examining the structure and size of bird wings, students come to understand the basics of flight and how wing variations affect survival.
  • Can You Pass the Parts? – A fun activity that reinforces students' understating of bird traits.
  • Sharp Feet – Like beaks and wings, a bird's talons tell us much about how a different birds survive. This activity examines the talons of raptors and other birds and lets students draw conclusions about how the differing structures help the bird's survival.


Reference Site

Here is a great quick reference site from for many of the birds of prey — use it for reports, projects, or quick study. Check out the middle column for the bird list. NOTE: there is a bit of advertising.


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