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Blood: Books


The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body

ISBN: 0590414275
Ages: 5-8

Join Mrs. Frizzle once again as she embarks with her class on an adventure like no other; inside the human body. You will learn about all of the different organs and systems of the human body, including blood. Enjoy your trip!!


101 Questions About Blood and Circulation: With Answers Straight From the Heart

ISBN: 0761314555
Ages: 12 and up

This is an honest look at all aspects of the blood and circulatory system. Questions that students might have about these topics are asked and answered in great detail with illustrations to make the instruction more clear.

Wiggles the White Blood Cell

ISBN: 0976283514
Ages: 4-8

This is the life story of a white blood cell. Enjoy learning about his journey through the human body to find that his home is in the heart. Touching and wonderful story for children of all ages.


A Drop of Blood (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2)

ISBN: 006009110X
Ages: 4-8

Who knows more about blood than a vampire? Read about the blood and what it does for your body with the help of this vampire and his assistant. Great fun and great science.


Clot & Scab: Gross Stuff About Your Scrapes, Bumps, and Bruises (Gross Body Science)

ISBN: 0822589656
Ages: 8 and up

If you are interested in blood, bruises, scabs and gross stuff, this is the book for you!! An amazing look at the serious stuff your body must go through when it heals itself. Close up pictures that detail it all.


Cuts, Scrapes, Scabs, and Scars (My Health)

ISBN: 053116411X
Ages: 8 and up

How does the body fight infection? How does it heal from a cut? Learn all about our amazing body's ability to heal and protect itself.


Joey Panda and His Food Allergies Save the Day: A Children's Book

ISBN: 0615668429
All ages

Learning to deal with food allergies can be scary and challenging. Joey the Panda is worried about facing school with his allergies. See how Joey, his family and the school deal with his allergies and how he can learn to be safe. Meet his friend Eppy – the epinephrine pen.


Battle with the Bugs: An Imaginative Journey Through the Immune System (Human Body Detectives)

ISBN: 146356189X
Ages: 4-8

Journey with two kids as they enter into their cousin's body to find out why he is sick. They discover how his immune system is fighting to ward off the intruder germs. Great illustrations and imaginative text creates a great adventure into the immune system.

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