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Blood: Teachers


Lesson Plans for Blood

Take a look at this complete STEM lesson plan on Blood Cell Basics, designed for grades 3-5. The lesson includes worksheets, connections to engineering, and a hands-on activity where students make a model of a blood cell.

Blood Does A Body Good from Science News for Kids includes a teacher's guide.

Blood - We Can't Live Without It includes discussions of blood types, blood transfusions, and blood composition.

Design a Circulatory System - students build their own models in this exploration, designed for 6th grade but adaptable for others.

Here you will find educational resources designed for elementary students, teens, and teachers.

Scholastic has an introductory Study Jam about blood and the circulatory system.

Flowing Smoothly is a worksheet to help students understand the circulation of blood throughout the body.

Is it an allergy or a virus? Find out with this great lesson plan.


Anemia and Blood Typing

Go to to watch a video about anemia . Also at this site, learn all about the symptoms and disorders that can cause anemia.

The Red Cross has a chart showing which blood types can donate to which other types, population of people in different ethnic groups and their blood type and a genetic chart showing parent/child blood types. Very interesting and useful for teachers who might teach blood types and the science of groups.

Additional information on blood typing at


More Blood Resources

More poster type visuals here. This includes the character traits attached to blood types as seen in Japan.

Circulatory System Resources including videos, games, quizzes, puzzles, diagrams and more.

The Science Museum of Minnesota is an excellent resource for your classroom. Animations of the heart and lungs performing their job. This site also has activities and experiments that you can perform with your class to explain pulse, blood pressure and other topics related to the heart and lungs. And if you are up to it, watch heart and lung surgery.

How the body makes blood – this site has an optional voice over that will read the text aloud to your class. Great for your interactive whiteboard. Additional topics available from this site.


Blood Videos

If you have a deep desire to understand blood in more detail including the chemistry and life span of each of the different blood cells, you will want to visit this site. Probably too detailed for your class, but as a science teacher you might enjoy visiting

Here is a way cool video from Science Kids of the immune system in action. The animation is not narrated, so you will have to study up so you can explain the process as you play the video.

Do the risks of blood transfusions outweigh the benefits? Watch this video and make your own conclusions.

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