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Botany: Books

Seeds blowing off flowers

The Tiny Seed

ISBN: 1416979174
Ages: 4-8

Readers travel along with a tiny seed as, carried by the wind, it faces many obstacles on its journey to becoming a flowering plant.

Kiwi fruit slices

A Fruit Is A Suitcase for Seeds

ISBN: 0761316221
Ages: 4-7

Brightly illustrated with minimal text, this is a kid-friendly introduction to the different types of seeds found in fruits, how they are protected and how the plant spreads its seeds.

A plant with exposed roots

A Seed Is Sleepy

ISBN: 1452131473
Ages: 5-9

Beautiful illustrations accompany short, poetic sentences devoted to a seed's anthropomorphic qualities (sleepy, clever, patient, adventurous, generous, etc.), with additional information for older readers.

From Seed to Plant

ISBN: 0823410255
Ages: 4-9

This classic book introduces children to the entire plant cycle, from seed pollination to mature growth.

Sun shining on leaves

Living Sunlight: How Plants Bring the Earth to Life

ISBN: 0545044227
Ages: 7-11

The Sun narrates this book, clearly explaining photosynthesis on a molecular level and discussing its broader significance to all forms of life.

Colorful flowering bushes

Plant (DK Eyewitness Books)

ISBN: 0756660351
Ages: 8-12

A reference book with terrific full-color photographs and explanations of leaves, flowers, fruits, pollination, plant defense, and more. "A mini-museum between the covers of a book." - New York Times

Shanleya's Quest: A Botany Adventure

ISBN: 1892784165
Ages: 8 and up

Beginning with a creation myth, a young girl learns the plant traditions of her people. A unique introduction to botanical concepts and plant identification skills through an engaging fictional story.

A growing seedling with sun and rain

Plant Growth (the Life of Plants series)

ISBN: 1484636945
Ages: 8-11

One in the Life of Plants series. The other titles in the series are Plant Classification, Plant Reproduction, and Plant Parts. Each contains fun facts, experiments, activities, booklists and weblists.

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