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Chemistry: Books

Glass of Milk

Why is Milk White? & 200 Other Curious Chemistry Questions

ISBN: 1613744528
Ages 9 and up

Learn the details about chemicals in your world. How do bandages stick to your skin? What does lotion do to your skin? Why do your eyes get bothered by swimming pool water? How is shampoo made in different colors? Why does soap get sudsy? And lots, lots more. This book is the product of a teenager who asked questions of her chemist neighbor and then wrote this into a book that will interest kids and adults alike.


Mistakes That Worked

ISBN: 0399552022
Ages 8 and up

This book investigates the many inventions of our lives that came to be by accident. Many have their roots in chemistry; some do not. But you will enjoy the chance to find out the secrets of how these things that we take for granted became part of our lives. Penicillin, popsicles, and Coca-Cola are just a few of the unplanned inventions that were often not realized until years later.

Chemistry Book

Chemistry (DK Eyewitness Books)

ISBN-10: 075661385X
Ages: 9-12

Take a look at chemistry from the first fire to the chemicals we use in today's technology. Eyewitness books are favorites of kids everywhere for their amazing details, fascinating facts and wonderful images. A visual joy to share with kids and adults alike.

Science Kit

Scientific Explorer's Mind Blowing Science Kit for Young Scientists

Ages: 4-8

A kit for exploring chemistry at home. All the tools and instructions needed to enjoy the fun of exploring chemistry. Volcanoes, ooze and more — safe and easy to do.

Other kits in this series include: Fizzy Foamy Science, Disgusting Science, My 1st Science Kit.


Fizz, Bubble – Flash!: Element Explorations – Atom Adventures for Hands-On Science Fun!

ISBN-10: 188559383X
Ages: 9-12

A book for beginning chemists with easy to understand text and wonderful cartoon-like drawings to entertain and educate. Simple science that is explored in hands-on activities, science fair projects, and with a focus on historical discoveries. Helpful for the students and teachers who want to brush up on their chemistry skills.

The Basher Science: Periodic Table

ISBN-10: 0753460858
Ages: 9-12

A unique way to explore elements and the periodic table. An explanation of the elements in a cartoon-like format that profiles 64 of the earth's elements.

Atom Face

What Are Atoms?

ISBN-10: 0516246658
Ages: 4-8

One of a series of Rookie Read-About Science books for early learners. A very primary look at atoms. Another book by Trumbauer titled What is Matter? could make a great companion book to the classroom library.

Matter: See It, Touch It, Taste It, Smell It

ISBN-10: 1404803440
Ages: 4-8

See why matter matters. Take a look at solids, liquids and gases and how they change the way we live and how they affect our world. Great for primary aged children to explain the science of matter.

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