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Climate: Books

What Is Climate?

ISBN: 1467744980
Ages: 4-6

A first introduction to climate for young children. A single sentence and full-color photograph on each page illustrate different climate conditions in different parts of the world.

What Is Climate?

ISBN: 1617724017
Ages: 6-8

The author explains the difference between weather and climate in easily understood terms. Primary grade readers will enjoy the photographs and simple descriptions of desert, tropical, temperate, and polar climates.

The Climate Zones

ISBN: 1482408015
Ages: 8-10

Autumn in Vermont is very different from autumn in Arizona, although they are both part of the United States. Why is that? Readers will learn the main features of Earth's climate zones with the help of photographs, text, and maps.

Tropical Climates
Desert Climates
Polar Climates
Temperate Climates

ISBN: 1484637879 (Tropical), 1484637852 (Desert),
1484637887 (Polar), 1474738400 (Temperate)
Ages: 9-11

These four volumes comprise the Focus on Climate Zones series. With lots of photos, graphs, and amazing facts, each book explores the characteristics of the particular climate, and how plants, animals, and people have adapted to life in those regions. The effects of climate change are also covered.

Winston of Churchill: One Bear's Battle Against Global Warming

ISBN: 0989429105
Ages: 4-8

Winston, a Canadian polar bear, notices that the sea ice is melting. As he rallies the other bears to fight climate change, he comes to learn that everyone must do their part to help, no matter how small.

Global Warming (Smithsonian Science)

ISBN: 0061142522
Ages: 7-10

Climate change is a complex issue with many contributing factors. Award-winning science writer Seymour Simon does an excellent job of introducing the possible causes and effects with beautiful full-color photography and thoughtful text.

The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge

ISBN: 0545453771
Ages: 7-10

Ms. Frizzle and her class learn about the science of climate change through a journey on the magic school bus. Engaging, fun and informative, this book will help kids understand the climate challenge and how they can help solve it.

What is Climate Change?

ISBN: 1524786152
Ages: 8-12

This well-researched, fact-based book for intermediate readers looks at the subject of climate change from many perspectives. The author discusses climate change in the past, methods of measurement, extreme weather events, and even politics. A timeline, bibliography, and helpful websites are included.

Climate Change (DK Eyewitness Books)

ISBN: 0756637712
Ages: 9-12

As with all DK Eyewitness Books, this volume is packed with facts, illustrations, photographs, and challenges for thinking. Includes information on the carbon cycle, climate prediction models, and strategies for adaptation and mitigation.

Climate Change (Basher Science)

ISBN: 0753471752
Ages: 10 & up

Climate topics such as El Niño, ocean currents, the carbon cycle, atmospheric systems, and the greenhouse effect are explored in a fun and entertaining style. A comprehensible guide to often-confusing concepts.

Greenhouse Gasses
image courtesy of UCAR

The Science of Climate Change

ISBN: 194747300X
Ages: 9-12

This resource book is unusual in that it includes 18 hands-on activities to explain and teach the science of global warming and climate change. Emphasizing the scientific method, the author combines concepts, models, and applications to make climate science accessible to young people, parents, and teachers.

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