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CSI Expert!: Forensic Science for Kids

ISBN: 1593633122
Ages: Adult supervision of 8-12 year olds

From dental impressions to fingerprints to forgery to chemical analysis, this book brings forensics into your science classroom. Filled with lots of labs for you to use to engage kids in the wonders of crime scene investigation.


Forensic Science (DK Eyewitness Books)

ISBN: 0756633834
Ages: 9-12

As with all other books in this series, kids will love the many pictures and detailed captions in this book on forensics. From the early history of forensic science to a kid version of the workings of DNA, this book has it all.


Detective Science: 40 Crime-Solving, Case-Breaking, Crook-Catching Activities for Kids

ISBN: 0471119806
Ages: 9-12

Lots of fun with forensics. Explore case studies and practice at being a crime scene investigator on your own. Great training and fun for the elementary science lover.


Whose Fingerprints Are These?: Crime-Solving Science Projects

ISBN: 0766032450
Ages: 9-12

Take a look at fingerprints and how they can be used to solve crimes. Lots of projects for you to do.


Firearms and Fingerprints (Essentials of Forensic Science)

ISBN: 0816055122
Ages: 9-12

Let's look back at the history of forensics. The use of fingerprints in crime investigation actually dates back several thousand years.


Ballistics (Forensic Crime Solvers)

ISBN: 0736824219
Ages: 9-12

Learn how authorities use all they know about firearms in the solving of crimes.


DK Readers: Crime Busters

ISBN: 0789478811
Ages: 7-12

How do they catch criminals and solve crimes? Learn about the world of forensics and the people who do it for a living. Great pictures and text for reading alone or with someone.

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