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Teachers will find lots of activities and investigations at this CSI For Kids resource page.

CSI: Web Adventures includes educators' guide, online activities and resources for further study for teaching about forensic science.

From StemWorks, you'll find engaging Crime Scene Investigation activities and projects for your classroom.

The DNA Detective Game is a hands-on classroom investigation into an unsolved crime, designed for ages 10-15.

In this activity from Teach Engineering, middle-school students use DNA Profiling to determine who robbed a bank.

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CSI Lesson Plans

PBS Learning Media has forensic science lesson plans and support materials for educators of various grade levels.

In this DNA Detective lesson, students learn about the collection and processing of DNA evidence and use DNA profiling to solve a crime. Use with your interactive whiteboard or data projector.

Science Spot offers a gold mine of forensic science lesson plans to keep your class investigating crime all year. You'll want to check out the Forensic Science Kid Zone page as well.

The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago has a great set of teacher lessons in handwriting analysis, fingerprint analysis, fiber collection and analysis, chromatography, DNA, and chemical analysis. A great source for creating your own CSI projects in your classroom.

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