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Dams: Books


The World's Most Amazing Dams

ISBN: 1410942449
Ages: 8 and up

Travel the world to learn about the history and science of amazing dams. Learn what makes each one unique and the challenges that faced the builders. Also included are dam facts and figures, a discussion of the pros and cons of dams, suggestions for further study, and a useful glossary.


The Hoover Dam: The Story of Hard Times, Tough People and The Taming of a Wild River

ISBN: 1931414130
Ages: 9-13

Hoover Dam was built in an era of hard times and job shortages. Those who chose to help build the Hoover Dam were desperate to find work — and many paid with their lives. Read about the hard times that brought men to such a situation and what perils they faced in bringing the Hoover Dam to life.


Canals and Dams: Investigate Feats of Engineering With 25 Projects (Build It Yourself)

ISBN: 1619301652
Ages: 9-12

Learn what it takes to design and build a successful dam or canal. Find out about the jobs required and the skills necessary to engineer huge projects such as these. Then, using the laws of physics, design and build some of your own. Instructions and science guide your way as you become an engineer too.


Dams Give Us Power: A Building Block Book

ISBN: 1575050234
Ages: 4 and up

A brief look at dams and how they are built. Simple text and photography explain the purpose behind these structures. Great for an introductory understanding and early readers.


Finding Out About Hydropower

ISBN: 1467745553
Ages: 8-11

Take a look at how water can create electricity. A brief look at the water cycle and how rivers are formed, followed by a tour of how a hydropower dam works to produce power. This book discusses the pros and cons of hydropower too.


Beaver Dams (Nature's Engineers)

ISBN: 148969742X
Ages: 8-10

Beavers are the only creatures (other than humans) that build dams, so they are truly unique in nature. This book highlights the engineering process and materials that beavers use to build dams and explains how these structures help them survive in the wild.


How Do Dams Work?

ISBN: 1499419996
Ages: 8-10

Early dams were built with simple techniques to provide water for irrigation. Today, due to modern advances in dam technology, engineers construct large dams that provide water for hydroelectric power, flood control, and continued use by large populations. But whether it's a beaver dam or Hoover Dam, all dams rely on science to function properly. This volume includes detailed photographs, diagrams, and fast-fact boxes that help readers incorporate STEM concepts into their learning.

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