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Desert Habitat: Books


Desert Night Desert Day

ISBN: 1933855703
Ages 5-10

Wonderful illustrations and a rhyming poetic tempo are a hit in this beautiful look at the desert. Some science but mostly artistic beauty.


Way Out in the Desert

ISBN: 0873586875
Ages 3-7

This is a desert version of Over in the Meadow to sing along with and enjoy. Lovely illustrations allow children to see and understand the creatures of the desert.

Red Rock

A Desert Habitat (Introducing Habitats)

ISBN: 0778729788
Ages 6 and up

A scientific look at the desert habitat for children of all ages. Chapters include everything from animals to food to shelter. An excellent resource for the study of deserts.



ISBN: 0688154794
Ages 5 and up

Seymour Simon is well known for his science books for children. He has authored well over 100. This is a book not to miss — great photographs of desert landscapes from all over the globe.


Discover Science: Desert

ISBN: 0753468360
Ages 5-8

Take a look at deserts from all over the world. Learn about the plants and animals, the climate and the variety of deserts that exist on the earth. Great photographs and scientific detail will help you to learn all about deserts.

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