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Dinosaurs : Video Archive

Season 19, November 2017

Dinosaurs: Dinosaur Basics

Dinosaurs: Eating and Eggs

Dinosaurs: Survived

Dinosaurs: Hips

Dinosaurs: Plates and What We Don't Know

Dinosaurs: Dinosaurs in Idaho

Season 14, November 2012

Dinosaurs: On Location

Dinosaurs: On a Dinosaur Dig

Dinosaurs: The Web Show

Season 10, September 2008

Dinosaurs: Dinosaurs with David Varricchio

Dinosaurs: The Web show with David Varricchio

Season 4, February 2003

Dinosaurs: Building Sue, The T-Rex

Dinosaurs: Full Show

Season 2, November 2001

Dinosaurs: Tour a Dinosaur Lab

Dinosaurs: Dinosaurs with Jack Horner

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