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The Earth: Games

Online games are a fun way to learn more about science topics. Here you will find links to an assortment of interactive games and activities for use at home or in the classroom. These games are designed for a variety of skill levels and interests. They can be used in a computer lab, on an interactive whiteboard, or on individual devices. Flash, Java, Shockwave, QuickTime or other interactive plug-ins may be required.

Earth's Magnetic Field

Compass Rose

This interactive animation lets you explore the magnetic field surrounding Earth.

Missions to Planet Earth


An online card game from NASA. 5 different NASA satellite missions aim to make Earth a safe and healthy place to live.

Planet Earth Jeopardy

Earth jigsaw puzzle.

Play this Powerpoint-based game as a class or against your friends. Click on the number amounts to get the "Answers" in each category. Download it here.

Lolly vs. the Energy Monkeys

Monkey with a computer

Earthling Lolly learns to conserve energy in order to keep the alien Energy Monkeys at bay. Play here.

Earth and Sun

Sun and moon in a circle

Using what you know about Earth and the Sun, see how many points you can score in a game about day and night and another about Earth's seasons.

A Gaggle of Games

Maroon Clownfish

Mission Earth (PBS) - Take photos of cool Earth features to send to the alien planet!

Hangmouse: Guess the letters to a mystery Earth word.

Ocean Current Activity — help the clownfish find his way through the currents and back home again.

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