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The Earth: Books

The Earth Book


ISBN: 031604265X
Ages: 3-6

Even young children can learn the joy of using Earth's resources with caution and responsibility. Cute water color drawings help bring home the tasks of recycling, turning off the water and lights when not in use and other Earth conscious reminders.


ISBN: 0689835620
Ages: 7-11

A scientific look at the earth with the help of a well-known children's science author. Full-color photographs and great detailed science of the earth, the sun and the moon highlight this treasure. A great addition to your classroom library.

Science Kids: Planet Earth

ISBN: 075346179X
Ages: 4-8

Child with globe

This book covers all the basics about the planet where we live and does it for early learners. A complete overview of the earth and its processes and tell children how to preserve this world for generations yet to come. It includes photographs, illustrations, diagrams and projects for kids to do to learn more.

Planet Earth: 25 Environmental Projects You Can Build Yourself (Build It Yourself series)

Home Gardener

ISBN: 1934670049
Ages: 9 and up

This book helps children learn about the earth and combines explanations of science concepts and environmental issues with hands-on projects. A great gift for the budding scientist in your family or your classroom. Teachers will love this book.

Earth (True Books)

ISBN: 0531147886
Ages: 7 and up

Graduate globe

This author has written an entire series of books covering the planets of this solar system along with the sun and the moon. Very kid friendly, filled with great science and photographs. You will want to explore the entire series.

Oceans: Looking at Beaches and Coral Reefs, Tides and Currents, Sea Mammals and Fish, Seaweeds and Other Ocean Wonders


ISBN: 1550741470
Ages: 8 and up

Learn how the ocean contributes to the environment and life on the earth. Learn about tides, currents and sea life. From plankton to sharks, find out about the life in the ocean. Book includes hands-on activities.


Planet Earth Projects

ISBN: 0486479234
Ages: 8 and up

All the things you can make with garbage!! Fun projects that you can make with the things you usually throw away.

Journey for the Planet: A Kid's Five Week Adventure to Create an Earth-friendly Life

ISBN: 0964437309
Ages: 7 and up

Change your everyday habits to become a better care giver of the earth. Find out the simple and common things you can do to improve the environment.

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