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The Earth: Teachers

Geography Teacher

Google Earth for Educators — lesson plans, projects, share ideas with other educators, see what linking up with Google Earth can do for your study of the Earth.

South Indian Ocean from space

NASA Guides

Spheres of Earth - a resource guide for teachers grade 4 and up.

Blue Marble Matches - a lesson plan that connects Earth's surface features with the processes that formed them.

NASA Science:Earth — great information to help plan out your next earth science lesson. The earth's surface and interior have so many unique properties, and science is continually learning about them. Videos, facts, amazing images.

Globe and books


Earth Science Week is in October. Discover ways to share it with your class.

PBS Learning Media offers engaging, media-rich Earth Science lesson plans for all grades and topics.

USGS has a great collection of resources and activities for your lessons on plate tectonics, geology, landforms, water and more.

Astronomer with telescope


Great resources for everything earth science at

Dynamic Earth: interactive exploration of the earth's core from Annenberg Learner. Great for sharing on your SmartBoard.

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