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Earthquakes: Guests

Dr. Jeffrey Johnson

Volcanologist, Boise State University

Dr. Johnson is geophysics professor in the Department of Geosciences at Boise State University. His research focus is on eruption dynamics using geophysical tools such as seismometers, geodetic tools, infrasound sensors, and thermal and optical monitoring. He works at volcanoes all over the world, but focuses a large part of his work on volcanoes in Chile, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Mexico. Dr. Johnson also uses some of these geophysical tools to study avalanches (volcanic and snow) as well as thunder from storms.

Dr. Johnson developed his primary research passion (for volcanoes) during a year spent living in Ecuador when he was in high school. In addition to learning Spanish, he climbed most of the high volcanoes in the country and decided that he wanted to become a volcanologist. Since then he has pursued his research at Stanford University (BS and MS), University of Washington (PhD), the University of Hawaii and University of New Hampshire (as postdocs), and at New Mexico Tech (as faculty) before moving to Boise in 2012.

Dennis Feeney

Senior Geologist, Idaho Geological Survey

I am a Senior Geologist at the Idaho Geological Survey (IGS). My primary job at IGS is geologic mapping. I spend much of my summer in the field all over the state of Idaho examining and collecting rocks, data, and putting lines on maps that help interpret the geologic history of an area. My Master's thesis was in caldera systems and environments, but I have worked in a wide variety of geologic fields including geophysics, hazard assessment, oil exploration, teaching, ocean floor mapping and geologic mapping.

When I was younger I loved looking at maps and running around the outdoors trying to find what I saw on the maps. My love of maps and nature led me to ask questions like, How did those mountains get there? Why do people live there? Why is the desert there? In college I was awe-inspired by the geologic processes that led to the landscapes we see today and just what it take for geoscientists to figure these things out, and I was amazed by how much geology has shaped human existence. I consider myself very fortunate to have a job that allows me to spend so much time in the outdoors hiking, biking, looking at rocks and searching for answers to so many new questions.

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