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Ecology: Books


DK Eyewitness Books: Ecology

ISBN: 0756613876
Ages: 8 and up

Ecology is a vast subject and this book is filled with photographs, illustrations, facts and trivia that you will want to read and ponder for hours. Leaf through the many pages of fascinating details and pictures to gain knowledge about how plants, animals and their ecosystems work in connection with one another. Topics such as acid rain, plants' food storage system, soil, coral reefs and more are found in these wonderful pages.


Ecology: The Study of Ecosystems

ISBN: 0531282694
Ages: 8-10

Travel across the world and through time to explore the history and science behind ecology and our environment. Find out what science knows and doesn't know and what steps are being made to improve the environment wherever needed. Great images and fun facts complement this account of ecology and its wonders.


Ecology Experiments (Facts on File Science Experiments)

ISBN: 0816081697
Ages: 12 and up

Be a scientist of ecology and use the instructions found in this book to try your hand at related experiments. Resources are provided both in print and online to help you attain success in your ecology activities.


Earth Matters: An Encyclopedia of Ecology

ISBN: 0756674921
Ages: 7-12

Forests, tundra, deserts, and oceans — these are just some the biomes that make up our Earth. Explore all the biomes of our world and see how their ecologies are impacted by the plants and animals that live there.


Let's Make Some Gold!: Science's Biggest Mistakes About Geology and Ecology

ISBN: 1467736627
Ages: 9-12

Sometimes science gets it wrong. Find out the assumptions made in geology and ecology that proved to be incorrect. Color photographs and additional resources help to expand our knowledge of the changes made in the way scientists do their jobs.

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