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Electricity: Guests

Dr. John Gardner

Director, CAES Energy Efficiency Research Institute, Boise State University

John leads the CAES Energy Efficiency Research Institute (CEERI), a state-wide partnership that combines cutting-edge research with education and outreach to promote energy efficiency. John also chairs the Campus Sustainability Advisory Board (CSAB), a campus-wide body that coordinates and promotes sustainability practice, education and research at Boise State. He previously served as chair of the Boise State Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering Department from 2001 through 2007.

Prof. Gardner has published more than 40 refereed research papers and 2 textbooks and is a registered professional engineer in Idaho and Pennsylvania. Prior to his appointment at Boise State, Dr. Gardner spent 13 years on the faculty at the Pennsylvania State University in University Park, where his research in dynamic systems and controls led to publications in such diverse fields as railroad freight car dynamics and adaptive control of artificial hearts.

Dr. John Gardner was also a guest scientist for this topic in 2005.

Kip Sikes

Operation Analysis and Development Manager, Idaho Power

Kip Sikes received a BSEE from the University of Idaho in 1982 (retaining enough brain cells to still function, albeit at a diminished level), and his PE (Professional Engineer) license in 1991. He has taken graduate courses, guest lectured at the University of Idaho and various K-12 schools, and was an adjunct professor at Boise State University where he also served as a member of the ECE Industrial Advisory Board and advisor to various design projects. Kip is also an active member of several professional engineering societies.

Kip began his Idaho Power career in 1979 with 3 years of summer internships in Pocatello - followed by Distribution and System Planning Engineer, Distribution Planning Supervisor including Customer & Load Research and Forecasting, Delivery Planning Manager, Manager Transmission Policy & Development, and currently Manager of Operation Analysis & Development.

Outside of Idaho Power, Kip is Director of the School of Environmental Impact, a training and outreach organization dealing with humanitarian causes related to food, shelter, water, energy, and community development (this is his upcoming "retirement" job). He is also is a volunteer "ReAllocator" - ReAllocate is a San Francisco-based non-profit that curates top talent teams of designers, engineers, business professionals, and community organizers to enable humanitarian efforts around the globe. He is about to publish his first inspirational book, "Glimpses of God", a collection of short musings relating every-day events. Kip was a founding board member of Shoshin Ryu, a non-profit educational and training organization, and volunteered as a self-defense instructor at the YMCA for over 20 years. On the business side, he is also the General Manager of a commercial property and investment company.

Past guests for this topic include: Dave Angell, Dr. Joseph Feeley, Russ Weedon.

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