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Electricity: Teachers

static shock

Here is a great resource for your electricity unit. Videos, games, worksheets and more.

Here is a list of links for online resources. Quizzes and other materials for teaching electricity.

Everything you want to know about static electricity.

Try this static electricity experiment.

Zoom offers some great hands-on electricity experiments: Designing a Door Alarm, Static Electricity, Designing Electric Circuits, Testing for Static, Electric Girl, Lemon Battery and more.

Electricity experiments and activities for your classroom.

Hands-on lessons from Science Kids.

Electricity Basics from Energy Kids.


PowerPoints and more on electricity.

Here is a whole unit on electricity with lesson plans, experiments and more.

Engaging activities from the Exploratorium encourage students to explore both static and current electricity.

Here's an electricity handbook for your unit.

Check out these electrical circuit lessons and experiments from Scholastic.

You will want to explore the resources available at PBS Learning Media for teaching about electricity, including interactives, lesson plans, and videos.

power cord will give teachers the basic knowledge they need about electrons to teach electricity to their class.

Show your class how a generator works.

These Energy Lesson Plans for middle school educators include engineering design challenges.

Here are lots of lessons for your magnets and electricity unit.

Electricity lesson plans grouped by age.

Your students will enjoy these online electricity activities from e-learning for kids, to be used on your interactive whiteboard or for individual use with classroom devices.

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