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Endangered Species: Guests

Liz Littman

Assistant Director, Zoo Boise

Liz has been with Zoo Boise since 2006, serving in multiple roles including Campaign Associate and Director of Development & Communications before her current position. In her time with the zoo, Liz has been most proud to help with the creation of ground-breaking conservation programs that raise money to support the protection of endangered species around the world. Zoo Boise has changed the definition of what it is to be a zoo and has raised more than $2 million for wildlife conservation since 2007. Liz has also worked to raise funds for the African Plains exhibit, sloth bear exhibit, patas monkey exhibit and the recently completed Zoo with a New View Capital Campaign that will bring more than 15 new species to the zoo and further expand the zoo's conservation programs. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama from Vassar College, with a minor in Music & Culture.

Home to more than 300 animals from 100 species, Zoo Boise is one of the largest attractions in Idaho, welcoming more than 340,000 in 2015. Zoo Boise turns the act of visiting the zoo into a conservation action and invites the community to Keep Your World Wild.

Past guests for this topic include: Steve Burns, Eric Yensen, Scott Ransom.

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