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Endangered Species: Teachers

Endangered Species Activities

Frog with Crayons

PBS offer a full list of Nature programs focused on endangered species. You can watch many of them right from your computer. In addition, there are other resources available to extend your knowledge about the animals featured in this series.

Do your students like to color? — You can download and print a coloring book about endangered species titled Save Our Species from the Environmental Protection Agency. Or free printed copies are available to order.

Great Endangered Species Lessons


Here's a teacher resource you are going to love!! Go to, click on the Educate tab and find lessons, videos, worksheets, and games to meet the needs of the ages you teach.

You might enjoy this resource to use on your interactive whiteboard. This world map from Endangered Species International allows you to hover over different geographical regions to discover more about endangered species worldwide. There is also a similar map for extinct species and recovered species.

Have your students try an “Endangered Animals Quiz,” from National Geographic.

How about an artwork project? — find a great lesson at

Endangered Species Info!


Preschool and Kindergarten teachers — here is a great site for activities related to endangered species, just right for the young ones you teach. From

Find out more about the IUCN's Red List of endangered species. This list provides details about species from all over the world. Find out how they are classified and if you see something you want to learn about, click it to find out details about the species.

Scientist and bioethicist Dr. Sara Chan argues, Yes, We Should Care [About Endangered Species] — But Why?

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