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Eyes: Seeing is Believing

Light: Let There Be Light

Eyes: Eye Care 101

Eyes: Where are Your Eyes?

Eyes: Animal Eyes

Eyes: Colorful Eyes

  • Seeing is Believing
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  • Let There Be Light
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  • Eye Care 101
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  • Where are Your Eyes?
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  • Animal Eyes
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  • Colorful Eyes
Eyes [īz]
Globular organs in the head through which people and animals see.

Our eyes are our windows to the world. The eye gives us the sense of sight, the most precious of our five senses. We rely on this sense more than any other. The eyeball is a sphere, about 2.5 cm (1 inch) in diameter, set in a protective cone-shaped cavity in the skull called the orbit or socket. Our eyes change light rays into electrical signals that are sent to a special part of the brain, which interprets these electrical signals as visual images.

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