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Food Web: Teachers


Yarn Activity

Here is a variation on the yarn activity used on Science Trek's Food Web
site – you may want to give this one a try too.

A great resource for teachers who need to brush up on their food chain or web vocabulary and concepts.

Bird Chart

What Eats?

“What Eats?” is a great website that tells you what the predators and prey of any animal is. You type in the inquiry and up comes a list of animals that eat or are eaten by your input. Great site with lots of other tools, such as food web diagrams and videos. Some advertising.

Here's a pretty good detailed text of the comparison of a food chain and a food web for you to print and use or pull it up on your interactive whiteboard. Printable images to use as handouts too.

Games are a great way to help students learn. Here is a food web game for you to make for your class.

Have your class act out a food web. Here are the instructions.


Food Chains and Webs

Decomposers and Scavengers video here and teachers' guide for the program here from New Hampshire Public Television.

Who Eats Whom - an activity from NASA

Would you like to understand food chains and webs just a little bit better? National Geographic has the site for you.


Food Chain and Food Web Activities

Students can learn about trophic levels as they play the Antarctic Food Web game from PBS.

Find out about energy flow as you travel through a food chain. has a great list of resources for your food chain/web lessons – includes worksheets, art, games and activities

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