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Force and Motion: Books


Give It a Push! Give It a Pull!: A Look at Forces (Lightning Bolt Books: Exploring Physical Science)

ISBN: 0761360565
Ages 6 and up

Forces are all around us. This early reader takes a practical look at pushing and pulling. Picture examples are given throughout the book to help readers see how forces function in our environment.


Push and Pull (Rookie Read-About Science)

ISBN: 0516268643
Ages 4-8

This popular kids' science series is one that has covered many topics over time. Enjoy this one on the subject of force, or push-and-pull as it's known in this book.

What Is Gravity? (Rookie Read-About Science)

ISBN: 0516258443
Ages 4-8

Another book from this series which shares scientific topics for the early reader. Photographs and vocabulary words that are meant to make sense of physics but at a level appropriate for young children.


Move It!: Motion, Forces and You

ISBN: 1553377591
Ages 4-8

This book from the Primary Physical Science series is just the right book for learning about motion and how it affects each of us in our own lives. Includes hands-on activities.

Forces and Motion

ISBN: 0753453487
Ages 7-10

This book offers hands-on activities to study the physics of motion. It includes experiments in gravity and friction and other laws of physics.


Forces and Motion

ISBN: 1403499233
Ages 10 to adult

This is an excellent opportunity to investigate all of those unique and challenging questions that have been bugging you for years. Come and investigate how airplanes get off the ground, how gravity works and why a person cannot sink in the Dead Sea.

Forces and Motion: A Question and Answer Book (Questions and Answers: Physical Science)

ISBN: 1429602236
Ages 8-10

This is a great resource for students and for teachers. This book brings the science of force and motion together with concise vocabulary and pictures to explain the concepts clearly using entertaining methods.

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