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Forests: Books

Smart Tree

Sounds of the Wild: Forest (Pledger Sounds)

ISBM: 1607103710
Ages 5 and up

This is a beautiful pop-up book all about the forest and the animals that live there. You can also listen - yes listen - to the call of wild animals as you visit the forest. This book makes a great gift and an even better book to just sit and enjoy with your favorite nature lover.


A Forest Habitat (Introducing Habitats)

ISBN: 0778729796
Ages 4-8

This book is a wonderful book for early readers. It explains all about the habitat of the temperate forest. Find out about the plants and animals that live there.

Monkey in a Tree

Smart Kids: Rainforest

ISBN: 0312517394
Ages 4-7

Here is a great look at rainforests, their unique community and the vast array of creatures and plants that live there. Beautiful up close photographs are a great way to visit the rainforest from the comfort of your reading chair.

Pine Cone

Coniferous Forests

ISBN: 1936313545
Ages 9-12

The coniferous forest is an ecosystem of beauty and complexity. Study the environment of the forest and how animals have adapted to survive within coniferous forests. Learn about the conservation efforts of scientists aimed at overcoming the dangers of deforestation, overhunting, and forest fires.


Forest (Eye Wonder)

ISBN: 078949759X
Ages 9-12

Eye Wonder books are a favorite of many children who enjoy reading about the world of science. The many photos, illustrations, and diagrams are a great benefit to those studying forests and the animal and plant life that dwell in them.


Forest Animals

ISBN: 9781559717083
Ages 4-8

This book details the lives of black bears, whitetail deer, moose, and wolves of the North American forests. Excellent color photos and detailed illustrations provide just the right complement to the text to make this book a great addition to any library.


Eye Wonder: Rain Forest

ISBN: 1465409076
Ages 5-9

DK books are always such a joy, and this one is no different. Photographs, maps, illustrations and great factual details make this a book for the rain forest lover of any age, adults as well as children. You will want to browse the pages of this book for hours.


Amazon Rainforest (Time for Kids Nonfiction Readers: Level 3.5)

ISBN: 1433336715
Ages 8 and up

Take a trip to the rainforest. Find out about the plants and animals that make a rainforest their home. Beautiful illustrations and photographs make this book a treasure from the Time for Kids series.


A Walk in the Boreal Forest

ISBN: 1575055287
Ages 9 and up

This book will take you on a beautiful journey way up north to the boreal forest. Maps, photographs, illustrations and detailed storytelling brings you up close and personal with the plants and animals of the boreal forest.

Maple Tree

A Walk in the Deciduous Forest (Biomes of North America)

ISBN: 1575055279
Ages 9 and up

Author Rebecca Johnson takes readers on a walk through a forest of trees that lose their leaves in the fall, showing examples of how the animals and plants depend on each other and their environment to survive.

Palm Tree

A Walk in the Rain Forest (Biomes of North America)

ISBN: 1575055252
Ages 9 and up

Author Rebecca Johnson helps readers explore both tropical and temperate rainforests.

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