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Pine Tree

Trees of Idaho's Forests - find out what types of trees grow here. You'll also find a map showing the locations of Idaho's forests and a visual on the influence of elevation on forests.

Trees of Idaho — this booklet is a great teacher resource — illustrations to help your class learn to identify trees.

Pie chart of Idaho's forests by ownership - great math tool.

Brush up on wildfire and the health of Idaho's forests at Idaho Firewise.

The Idaho Forest is a terrific resource for educators, with student readers and a teacher's guide with lesson plans, student activities, and maps. Connections to math and language arts are included. Excellent resource for 4th grade Idaho history.

Forest Resources


Forest Biomes — a colorful and informative site.

Smoky Bear has a teachers' resource page with lots of great materials and ideas for teaching about forests and wildfire prevention.

The Role Trees Play in Water Quality is an excellent resource for teachers to use as an interactive whiteboard presentation or print it off and use it as a supplement to your text.

Examine all the ways trees work for us at — great lesson plan.

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