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Garbage: Teachers

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Comprehensive offers information and activities on waste of every kind.

PBS has an excellent comprehensive lesson plan on recycling and composting for elementary grades, with lots of supplementary resources.

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Waste and Trash

Talking Trash lesson plans.

Teacher's Guide on hazardous waste from Discovery Education.

Check out these educator activity guides for hands-on classroom projects designed to encourage waste reduction and innovative thinking.

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Educational resources for K-8 teachers from the EPA, including the Quest for Less teaching unit and downloadable Planet Protectors activities for students.

Teach Green — Lesson Plans on Recycling.

Preschool and Kindergarten lessons on recycling.

Recycling lesson plans, projects, experiments, printouts, crafts — it's all here.

This Educator toolkit from the National Environmental Education Foundation has classroom projects that encourage K-12 students to think and act as environmental engineers as they confront challenges of waste disposal and recycling.

Garbage and recycling lesson plans for grades K-8 from EcoKids Canada.

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Powerpoint & Smartboard Presentations

Great SmartBoard presentation for you to explain Where Does Our Garbage GO? Click here.

Earth Day Power Point here. Kid created - very inspiring!!

Recycling PowerPoint for kids - The Story of Stuff - here.

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