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Geology: Guests

Megan Dixon

Adjunct Instructor of Geology, College of Idaho

Reed Lewis

Geologist, Idaho Geological Survey, University of Idaho

I am an Assistant Research Geologist at the Idaho Geological Survey in Moscow. I grew up in northern Idaho and began collecting rocks and minerals at a young age. I still have some agates and star garnets that I found when I was about nine or ten years old, and that early interest in rocks and minerals eventually resulted in a geology career.

I completed undergraduate work at the University of Idaho followed by graduate work at the University of Washington and Oregon State University. After graduate school I mapped geology in north-central Idaho for four years. I then spent three years exploring for gold in the northern part of Saudi Arabia and two years living in Butte, Montana and mapping geology near Missoula and Philipsburg.

For the past 13 years I have been in Moscow with the Idaho Geological Survey. My areas of specialty include the Idaho batholith, Precambrian metamorphic rocks, and accreted terranes. I am presently working on a new state geologic map of Idaho, which will be published in 2012. Results of my recent geologic work can be found at the Idaho Geological Survey website at

Past guests for this topic include: Scott Hughes, Matt Kohn.

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