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Glaciers: Books


Icebergs, Ice Caps and Glaciers (Rookie Read-About Science)

ISBN: 0516262574
Ages 6-8

Full-color photographs and simple text introduce young readers to glaciers, ice caps and icebergs. Children will be fascinated by these amazing features of the natural world. Discussion questions are included to spark further learning.


Glacier Adventure (The Magic School Bus Rides Again, Level 2)

ISBN: 1338253816
Ages 5-8

In this story for beginning readers, the class takes a field trip to Antarctica in the magic school bus to learn about glaciers. Glaciers are presented as master storytellers that guide the class on a journey through the last 10,000 years.

Glacier 7

How Glaciers Shaped Earth

ISBN: 164527120X
Ages 6-8

Leveled text and vibrant photos will engage young readers as they learn about the characteristics of glaciers, how they have shaped the landscape in the past, and how they could change the Earth in the future. This volume includes helpful text features, sidebars, infographics and STEM activity suggestions.

Glacier 2

Glacier on the Move

ISBN: 1513262300
Ages 6-9

A glacier named Flo tells the life story of a glacier, from a high mountain snow field through a deep glacial valley and on to the sea. This engaging book illustrates how glaciers move, change shape, and impact the surrounding land, plants and animals.

iceberg 3

Ice Queen: Exploring Icebergs and Glaciers

ISBN: 1634401557
Ages 7-9

Young readers are invited to discover the icy world of glaciers in this story that combines a fun narrative with informational text. Includes a fact file, index and glossary.

Glacier 19

Glaciers: Nature's Ice Caps

ISBN: 1590783727
Ages 7-9

This introduction to glaciers explores everything from the Ice Age to the iceberg that sunk the Titanic to the surprising location of glaciers near the equator. The engaging text and illustrations emphasize the powerful ability of glaciers to alter the earth and their essential role in Earth's systems.

Glacier 14

Icebergs and Glaciers

ISBN: 0062470388
Ages 7-11

Award-winning science writer Seymour Simon presents the beauty and wonder of glaciers in this photo-essay book. Stunning photographs and informative text explain how glaciers form, move, and shape the landscape. The importance of glaciers to our planet and the effects of climate change are also addressed. Additional helpful features include a glossary, index, and suggestions for further learning. This book is one that children and adults will return to again and again.

glacier 12

Glaciers (Eye to Eye with Endangered Habitats)

ISBN: 1615905545
Ages 8-11

This volume examines the issues and challenges faced by glaciers in our warming world and steps that can be taken to help save them.

glacier 11


ISBN: 0531203905
Ages 9-12

Beginning with a discussion of the nature of glaciers, this volume explains glaciers' formation, movement, and effects on the earth's surface. The ways that glaciers impact the modern world are explored, as well as scientists' use of glacial ice cores to learn about the past.

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