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Green Energy: Games


Online games are a fun way to learn more about science topics. Here you will find links to an assortment of interactive games and activities for use at home or in the classroom. These games are designed for a variety of skill levels and interests. They can be used in a computer lab, on an interactive whiteboard, or on individual devices. Flash, Java, Shockwave, QuickTime or other interactive plug-ins may be required.

Get Energized

Bird Recycling

What's your energy IQ? The Interactive Get Energized has several activities to help increase your energy knowledge. From the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

Power the Town


Play Power Up! and see if you can light up the whole town in this game from NASA. Capture clean energy from the wind and the Sun to produce enough electricity to run the town.

Energy Lab

Solar Panels

In this Energy Lab from, balance energy needs against environmental factors via lessons and a Simulator. Upper grades.

Lots of Energy Games

Wind Generator

Energy Kids has lots of games and activities for you to do.

Energy Hogs

Become an Energy Hog Buster as you discover and outsmart the Energy Hogs that may be living in your house.

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