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Habitat: Teachers

Habitat Guides


This lesson plan features classifying animal crackers into the correct habitat.

Nature Works – A teachers' guide on habitats. Television program to watch too.

Lesson Plans and More


PBS Learning Media offers a detailed lesson plan for grades 3-5 called "Where Creatures Live." Students explore different habitats and the adaptations and behaviors that allow animals to live there successfully.

Exploring Habitats is a complete multi-media lesson plan for primary grades.

Check out the “Classroom” section of the popular PBS series NATURE — videos and teacher guides along with numerous lesson plans and activities will help kids learn about the world around us.

The National Wildlife Federation has some excellent habitat lesson plans for grades K-8. They also have tips for building a habitat at your school.

Great Habitat Resources


Explore habitats and food chains to look at why animals live where they do.

Niche and Habitat is a chapter from Essays on Wildlife Conservation by Dr. Peter Moyle, originally written for an introductory course on wildlife conservation taught at the University of California, Davis. A great overview on the function of a niche in an ecosystem.

Arizona State University's student-friendly Ask a Biologist site features sections on each of the world's biomes. You'll also find biome virtual tours, worksheets, maps and quizzes. This resource is available in several languages.

Happenin' Habitat Resources


See this catchy musical introduction to habitats for primary grade students.

Purdue University's Habitats - Local and Far Away contains a wealth of lessons and resources for primary teachers. Baylor University's SuperSTAAR site for K-5 educators offers standards-aligned lesson plans on environments and ecosystems.

Lots of information at this Marine Habitats site for teaching about ocean habitats.

Check out the PBSKids show, It's a Big Big World. It's a great resource of games, coloring sheets, music and more for parents and teachers of pre-schoolers.

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