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Heredity: Books

The One and Only Me: A Book About Genes

ISBN: 0989153711
Ages: 4-8

An introduction to the basic concepts of genetics for young children. Through fun illustrations and simple text, join Poppy as she discovers where she got her red hair and blue eyes. Learn how your genes and the world around you combine to make you unique.

All In The Family (Science Readers: Content and Literacy)

ISBN: 1480745634
Ages: 5-8

The concept of inherited traits is explored in an engaging way. Aligned to national standards, text features include index, glossary, captions, and detailed images that encourage nonfiction literacy. Also included is a hands-on experiment for application and critical thinking.

Gregor Mendel: The Friar Who Grew Peas

ISBN: 1419718401
Ages: 6-10

Gregor Mendel, an Austrian monk, experimented with pea plants of different colors, heights, and textures. Long before scientists had any notion of genes, he demonstrated the basic process by which living things inherit and pass down traits. With beautiful illustrations and engaging text, this book introduces the groundbreaking work of the "father of genetics."


ISBN: 147474401X
Ages: 8-10

Are your eyes brown or blue? Can you curl your tongue? Do you have freckles? This easy-to-understand book takes a close look at dominant and recessive genes and how they determine unique characteristics. Includes a glossary, websites and books for further study, and critical thinking questions.

Heredity: Pass It On!

ISBN: 1683424441
Ages: 8-11

Why do animals, plants, and people look like their parents? Learn more about how Gregor Mendel first discovered how living things pass down traits to their children.

Have a Nice DNA and Gene Machines

ISBN: 0879696109 (DNA), 0879696117 (Machines)
Ages: 9 and up

Using lively language and colorful graphics, these two companion volumes, written by working scientists, explore the amazing hidden world of cells, genes, proteins, and DNA. Current topics in genetics are also discussed.

Genetics: Breaking the Code of Your DNA

ISBN: 1619302128
Ages: 10-13

From Mendel's work with pea plants, to the structure of chromosomes and DNA, to the ethical questions surrounding genetic modification and cloning, this book provides an excellent overview of the study of genetics for middle-schoolers. Includes a helpful timeline, glossary, and inquiry-based activities and projects.

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