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Horses: Books


All About Horses - For Kids! [Kindle Edition]


This tablet edition is all about horses. Kids will love the pictures and the chapters of wonderful history and facts about horses. If you have a tablet in your classroom and kids who love horses – this book needs to be added to your library.

Album of Horses

ISBN: 0689717091
Ages 7-10

This book gives you the inside story on over 20 horse breeds. Water color paintings accompany the detailed facts and illustrate the beauty of these wonderful creatures.


Everything Horse: What Kids Really Want to Know about Horses (Kids Faqs)

ISBN: 1559719214
Ages 8-11

A question-and-answer format makes this book on horses a great resource for kids in the upper grades. Learn everything from the parts of a horse to their history and possibly find out if they are related to dinosaurs.

Two Horses

Face to Face With Wild Horses (Face to Face with Animals)

ISBN: 1426304668
Ages 7-10

Two photographers go out and follow a family of wild horses. They share what they have learned about these fabulous horses in their natural environment.


ISBN: 0448417359
Ages 4-8

Learn more about horses and find out how humans use these great animals in work and play. Photographs journal the details.



ISBN: 0823418758
Ages 6 and up

Follow the history of horses in man's world during wars, the days of the cowboys, in farm work and more. Learn about their anatomy, body movement, grooming and lots of other great details.

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