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Idaho Ecosystems: Books


Coniferous Forests

ISBN: 1936313545
Ages: 9-12

The coniferous forest is an ecosystem of beauty and complexity. Study the environment of the forest and how animals have adapted to survival within the coniferous forest. Learn about the conservation efforts of scientists to protect from the dangers of deforestation, overhunting, and forest fires.


Forest (Eye Wonder)

ISBN: 078949759X
Ages: 9-12

Eye Wonder books are a favorite of many children who enjoy reading about the world of science. The many photos, illustrations, and diagrams are a great benefit to studying forests and the animal and plant life that dwells there.


Forest Animals

ISBN: 9781559717083
Ages: 4-8

This book details the lives of black bears, whitetail deer, moose, and wolves of the North American forests. Excellent color photos and detailed illustrations provide the text with just the right complement to make this book a great addition to any library.


A Wetland Habitat

ISBN: 0778729834
Ages: 4 to 8

Wetlands are found all over North America. Investigate the many fascinating details of wetlands and how they survive, what lives there and where they are found.


America's Wetlands: Guide to Plants and Animals

ISBN: 1555914845
Ages: 9-12

Learn about swamps, marches and ponds and the animals that live there. A comprehensive look at wetlands through maps and other helpful information makes this an excellent classroom resource. Also includes information on wetland areas open to the public.



ISBN: 0516267620
Ages: 4-8

Examines the different types of grasslands and the plant and animal life they support. Learn about the complexities of grassland and compare steppe, prairies and savannas. Another in “A True Book” series which shares details about one of the world's ecosystems.


America's Prairies & Grasslands: Guide to Plants and Animals

ISBN: 1555919928
Ages: 8-up

This is one in a series of wonderful books on ecosystems and their plants and animals of the North American continent. Beautiful water color and pencil drawings, maps and factual details for those wanting to learn more about prairies and grasslands. Additional books are also available on Forests (ISBN: 1555915957), Wetlands (ISBN: 1555914845), and Deserts (ISBN: 1555912680). Also available: Mountains and Seashores.

Explore the Grasslands

ISBN: 0736896287
Ages: 9-12

Six short, easy reading chapters dialogue the details of grasslands including food webs, scientists who study grasslands and life of the animals that dwell in the grassland ecosystem. Also includes an important look at how fire impacts the grasslands.


Keystone Species that Live in Grasslands (Kid's Guide to Keystone Species in Nature)

ISBN: 1680200585
Ages:8 and up

Excellent companion for covering Common Core standards. This book covers grasslands from all over the globe – learn about plants and animals from American as well as African grasslands.

The Great Basin for Kids

ISBN: 1499688024

The history, physical characteristics and life forms of the Great Basin Desert are covered through images, maps, activities and text that will be loved by all ages. It's a tour guide and a project guide all rolled into one.


Creatures of the Desert World

ISBN: 0870446878
Ages: 9-12

Visit Arizona's Sonoran Desert to learn about the animals that live there.


ISBN: 0516267604
Ages: 4-8

Another in “A True Book” series which shares details about one of the world's ecosystems. Wonderful pictures and text takes you to the desert – a great resource for the early science classroom. Learn about the largest desert, the coldest desert, mining in deserts and farming there too.


A Desert Habitat

ISBN: 0778729788
Ages: 4 to 8

Learn how the animals of the Sonoran Desert eat, sleep, hunt, and survive the extreme temperatures and what their homes are like.

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