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Insects: Books

Hot Dog

National Geographic Kids Everything Insects: All the Facts, Photos, and Fun to Make You Buzz

ISBN: 142631891X
Ages 8-12

This is a fabulous book for all ages. While insect lovers from ages 8 to 12 are going to be able to understand the text, younger children will love the colorful photographs and adults will be fascinated by the detail and facts. Every page has something to keep your interest.

Bug Guy

The Best Book of Bugs

ISBN: 0753459019
Ages 5-8

This look at insects is adorned with beautiful illustrations. Chapters focus on specific insects, but also looks at spiders and earthworms. This is a treasure for any library.


Bugs A to Z

ISBN: 0545273307
Ages 4-8

This truly is an alphabet book of insects. Each letter visits one or more members of the insect world, complete with up-close photographs. Little treasures of factoids accompany each item. Parents and teachers will love to have this one to share with children.

Metamorphosis: Changing Bodies (Nature's Changes)

ISBN: 0778723070
Ages 7 and up

This book is a detailed adventure into all kinds of metamorphosis from various insects to frogs. Photographs and illustrations help to get the science across. Good resource for the science classroom.

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