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Light & Color: Books

Manipulating Light: Reflection, Refraction, and Absorption (Exploring Science: Physical Science)

ISBN: 0756512581
Ages: 10 and up

This is a great resource for understanding more about how light works. Explore reflection, refraction and absorption with the help of easy to understand text and photographs and illustrations.


Light and Color (Straightforward Science)

ISBN: 0531153711
Ages: 8 and up

beams of light

Wonderful photographs and thorough discussions of topics like, bending light, mirrors, color, and how the eye translates light make this a super resource.

Experiments with Light and Color (Cool Science)


ISBN: 143393454X
Ages: 9 and up

Follow these instructions to perform some simple experiments with light and color. This book includes safety notes and tips to ensure success in these experiments.

Sound and Light (Young Discoverers: Science Facts and Experiments)

ISBN: 0753455129
Ages: 5 and up

Light and sound have so many similarities and are found in many of the same places. It just seems natural to learn about them at the same time. Take a look at these experiments. Wonderful drawings help to illustrate the activities.

Eyewitness: Light (Eyewitness Books)


ISBN: 0789467097
Ages: 8 and up

Eyewitness traces the development of the science surrounding light. Detailed photographs and illustrations make this a museum in a book. Every classroom library should have a copy.


All the Colors of the Rainbow (Rookie Read-About Science)

ISBN: 0516241486
Ages: 5 and up

Special science series for the early reader, this book explores the science of rainbows. Photographs and easy-to-read text will make this a hit with readers up through second grade.

How Lasers Work (Discovering How Things Work)

ISBN: 1609732197
Ages: 6 and up

compact discs

Do you want to learn how a laser functions? This is the book that will answer all of your questions. Find out how this specialized light is created and how it is used.

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