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Light & Color: Teachers

Lots of Light and Color Information


Visit this site to have access to all sorts of interactive demonstrations about light.

Use Jello Optics to help illustrate the science of light.

Additional Edible Optics lessons can be found at the Exploratorium and Stanford.

Investigate color vision. Includes a teacher guide and a student guide.

Check out this concept map full of light, vision and color science information — lots of good stuff.

Fun, fun, fun — optical illusions.

Explore color at

Interactive Color Activities

brush and palette

Lesson, games, experiments, videos — you "gotta" visit this one.

You'll want to take a look at these engaging Color Interactives that explore filters, shadows, spotlights, and color addition and subtraction.

Rainbows and Illusions


Reflection, refraction, and absorption video lesson.

Can your students make colored shadows? Here is a lesson plan that shows you how.

Optical illusions presentation — tells why we see them and how our brain fools us. Then presents a number of optical illusions for you to share with your class. Great on your interactive whiteboard.

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