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Magnets: Books

A Look At Magnets

ISBN: 1429671092
Ages: 4-7

Full-color photographs and clear, simple text make this a good choice for introducing the basics of magnets to emergent readers. A glossary, index, book list and online resource are included.

What Magnets Can Do (Rookie Read-Aloud Science)

ISBN: 051646034X
Ages: 4-8

With simple text and bright photos, this book is a perfect introduction to magnets for young children. PreK-2 students will enjoy learning about how magnets work and their many uses in our world. Includes a glossary with pictures.

Magnets Push, Magnets Pull

ISBN: 0823436691
Ages: 5-8

Magnetism is all around us - even the earth is a giant magnet. In this introduction to magnets, polarity and electromagnets, readers are frequently urged to stop and test the concepts as they discover how magnets work. Simple experiments are included, with the emphasis on how magnets are an important part of our world. Magnet-related vocabulary is used accurately and reinforced in the glossary.

Magnet Max

ISBN: 1612542247
Ages: 5-8

Is it magic, or science? Discover beginning concepts of magnetism along with Magnet Max in this rhyming read-aloud.

What Makes a Magnet? (Let's-Read-And-Find-Out)

ISBN: 9780064451482
Ages: 5-8

What makes a magnet a magnet? Science author Franklyn Branley explains the properties and behavior of magnets, as well as the origins of magnetic discovery. Several hands-on discovery projects are included.

Amazing Magnetism (Magic School Bus Chapter Book)

ISBN: 9780439314329
Ages: 6-8

Join Ms. Frizzle and her class as they explore the world of magnetism. Short, easy chapters and fun pictures make this an engaging introduction to principles of magnetism for primary grades.

All About Magnetism

ISBN: 148462694X
Ages: 6-9

Full-color photos and suggested experiments will appeal to children in grades 1-3. The discussion features high-interest topics such as compasses, maglev trains, and Earth as a giant magnet. Also included are a glossary, index, and ideas for further learning.

Magnets: All Aboard Science Reader

ISBN: 0448431491
Ages: 7-9

What's strong enough to smash atoms? What's able to power high speed trains? What can defy the force of gravity? It's magnetism! The author skillfully describes concepts such as attraction, repulsion, magnetic field, magnetic force, magnetic domains, electromagnets, the earth's magnetism, maglev trains, animals using magnetic fields for migration, and scientists using electromagnetism for launching satellites. This book is designed especially for independent readers, with illustrations that clarify magnetic principles and hands-on activities to extend understanding.

The Attractive Story of Magnetism with Max Axiom, Super Scientist

Ages: 8-13

Join Max Axiom as he explores the powerful force of magnetism. The graphic-novel format will appeal to young readers as they travel the globe and solar system, unlocking the mysteries of the magnetic world. Videos, integrated apps, and hands-on activities that go beyond the printed page make this a good choice for many young learners.

The Magnet Book

ISBN: 0806999446
Ages: 9-12

Become a "magnetic magician!" Intermediate-grade students will learn about magnetic fields and forces while having fun impressing their friends with these 39 experiments and games.

Northern Lights

ISBN: 1641850124
Ages: 9-12

The Aurora Borealis results from the sun's solar wind and the earth's magnetosphere. Beautiful photos, fact-filled text, and eye-catching infographics help readers learn about the science behind the northern lights.

Magnet Science

ISBN: 1402722915
Ages: 10-13

Sometimes it can be difficult to find good science books that bridge the gap between nonfiction picture books and adult texts. This clearly written book for grades 5-8 introduces the science of magnets, from the discovery of lodestone to the use of magnetic technology in space. The scientific principles are accompanied by activities and experiments that demonstrate the concepts in action.

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