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At The Mammoth Site, tour the world's largest woolly mammoth research facility (archaeological site, that is) in Hot Springs, South Dakota, where a dry sinkhole claimed the lives of mammoths and other Ice Age animals 26,000 years ago. Follow an active paleontological dig and view Ice Age fossils exhibited in-situ.

Mammoths of the Ice AgeNOVA and PBS bring you this classroom activity. While archaeological evidence suggests that mammoths might have still been in existence as recently as 3,500 years ago, they eventually went extinct, possibly from disease or habitat changes. Unlike animals, however, humans can react to changes by planning, analyzing options, and even altering their environment to suit their needs. This activity asks students to consider the challenges they might face on a new planet and ways they might need to adapt in order to survive.

Pair up the Woolly Mammoth Natural History Notebook with Mr. Hill's Science Worksheet. The two, together make a nice companionship of study and research on mammoths for your students.

This Wooly Mammoth Close Reading Lesson is designed for third grade, but could easily be adapted for other grade levels.

The Field Museum Education Department presents Mammoths and Mastodons. While this 16-page guide is focused on their exhibit and things related to actually visiting the museum, it also has a marvelous section useful for instruction. Includes details about mammoths and mastodons that you will be able to use in your existing lesson, or put up on your interactive whiteboard and read along together.

Mammoth Discovery! — Learn the story of Lupe, a young mammoth who roamed the very same territory that would later become known as Silicon Valley. Great article to share with your class.

The Rise and Fall of the Mammoths, a complete lesson plan for 5th grade and up, explores the role of the fossil record in understanding natural selection and changes in populations over time.

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