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Mars: Teachers

Mars rover
Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech

Mars Rovers

Visit this site to learn more about NASA’s rovers and to find out the latest news on them.

Mars surface

Find so many Mars-related ideas to share with your students. Interactives, maps, models, a downloadable calendar, pamphlets, games and more for your class.


Mars for Educators

You will find much to help you with your Mars unit at NASA's Mars for Educators. Lesson plans, curriculum guides, and a terrific Activity Book with teacher resources and classroom activities.

Imagine Mars

Take a look at the hands-on Imagine Mars K-12 project or the Be a Martian virtual exploration project, both designed by NASA.

Lesson Plans and Resources

From the Lunar and Planetary Society, find a wealth of engaging classroom activities at Mars: Inside and Out and Life On Mars.

NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory uses interesting graphics to compare Earth and Mars. The site also offers engaging Mars activities and hands-on lesson plans for the classroom that incorporate math and engineering as students design, build, and explore.

Mars Across the Curriculum

Red Planet: Read, Write, Explore! is a standards-based teaching unit from the University of Colorado that uses literacy, art, and creative expression as vehicles for the topic of Mars exploration.

Inner Planet PowerPoints

Find one or more presentations that meet your needs for teaching.

Resources for Teachers

water drop

Great tools for teaching about Mars, with lesson plans and engaging activities such as "Edible Mars Spacecraft," "Rover Races," "Mars Bingo," and more.

STEM lesson plans about Mars. Lots to choose from.

Searching for Evidence of Water on Mars — lesson plan.

K-3 teachers: These Ready Jet Go! videos from PBS offer engaging lessons including Exploring Mars, Earth and Mars, a Martian Desert, and the Grand Canyon of Mars.

Learn more about Mars and see some great photos at Windows To The World.

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