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Essentials of Measurement

Check out this review of the basics of measurement, the metric system, and units of distance from Math Antics.

Brush up on the metric system and the history of standard units. Learn about the United States' experience with metrics, see helpful equivalent charts and even find a recipe for metric chocolate chip cookies.

Math Is Fun: Measurement offers an excellent overview of measurement that includes length, mass, temperature, volume, time, speed, and the metric system. It also addresses conversions and accuracy in measurement. This site covers beginning to advanced concepts and is useful for both teacher and student enrichment.

Lesson Plans and More

PBS Learning Media offers a wealth of lesson plans, videos, and interactives to help you teach measurement concepts in your classroom. Support materials and standards are included with each one. Here is a sample:
Cyberchase: Metric Measurement
Cyberchase: Measuring Length Precisely
Cyberchase: Catching a Kidnapper
Solve the Measurement Problem!
Metric System Basics
Dunk Tank: Liquid Volume

Measuring starts as a natural activity when children are very young. These lessons and ideas for K-2 teachers will help you build on children's intuitive concepts of measurement.
Measurement for Early Childhood Classrooms
Everyday Measurement
Nonstandard Units
Why Do We Need Standard Units?
Hands-On Measurement Activities
Sesame Street Measurement Educator's Guide has 25 measurement lesson plans for grades K-5, including several on measuring volume and mass. They also offer hands-on measurement activities for children in grades 1-4. Try the Measurement Conversion Game, Measurement Scavenger Hunt, and Ant Race Measuring Game.

Hands-on activities are essential for students as they learn to measure. Try out these from Math Is Fun.
Discover Length
Discover Capacity
Discover Mass
Measure Yourself
Interactive Thermometer

Scholastic has several complete lesson plans for teaching measurement. Worksheets, extensions and literature connections are included.
New Ways to Measure (K)
Max's Measuring Mania (K-2)
Measuring Marvels (K-8)
Dairy Farm Measurements (3-4)
Celebrate Metric Week (6-8)

How Do Scientists Measure Things? emphasizes the use of metric units in science.

The Importance of Measurement, for students in grades 4-8, includes extension activities, practice with converting units, and a discussion of accuracy, precision and error in measuring.

Resources for Teachers

For primary grade students, How Do You Measure Up? from PBS Kids is a fun introduction to the real life applications of measurement, with an interactive vocabulary feature.

Take a look at these ideas for teaching children about units of measurement and measuring instruments.

This Measurement Song for primary grades focuses on American standard units. For middle grades, try this song about measurement equivalents and conversions.

Middle-grade students love Study Jams from Scholastic, featuring RJ and Mia. Start with Units of Measurement, then try Tools of Measurement, Measure Length (easier), and Customary Units of Length (harder). Many of these include interactive exercises, karaoke songs, and quizzes.

Find a helpful compilation of videos that teach measurement for younger and older students. For primary students, the need for standard units is explained well in Units of Length. Especially good for middle grades are the Number Rock videos on Capacity, Weight, Length, and Metric System.

Find measurement crossword puzzles, word searches, vocabulary matches and more at Learning Games For Kids. The site includes both printables and online games for different grade levels.

Find measurement games and activities for individual student activity time.

In this measurement collection from NeoK12, you may want to check out this video resource from NASA: Metric and Standard Measurement Systems.

Powerpoint presentation on metric measurement tools.

Conversion charts come in handy as students learn to convert units of measurement. Students will enjoy using this interactive unit conversion tool.

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